Introducing: Universal UI

Omni-Media, Part of KFoundation, Open-Source and Free

Declerative and stateless Content DSL, and dynamic and asynchronous Flow API can render any interactive or non-interactive content on virtually any media.

Mi | MD

Revolutionary and Affordable Automation and Telemedicine Suit for Small Clinics

Mi | MD mobile app replaces membership card for patients and automates everything from appointment to payment, and from one visit to another in a single streamlined interface — available early 2022.

Mi | Cloud

IT Essentials for Small Businesses and Startups

Mi | Cloud is your cloud. Owner of a busy resturant? Let customers take a number and get notified right on their phones using Mi | QU. Creating new web application? Setup signup, login, and subscription management in an hour with Mi | ID. Mindscape's suit of white-label services cover most common IT essentials to start and run a new business, ready out of the box — starting from winter 2020.

Mi | ID

Identification and Authorization Service

Mi | BX

Maximum-Privacy Encripted Cloud Storage

Mi | PY

Payment Gateway

Mi | QU

Queue Management


For The Future of IoT and Cloud Computing

Let's blaze past Kubernetes. Cluster deployment, scaling management, and high-availabity will be basic operating system services. The goal of KnoRBA (IPA:/nɔːɾbʌ/) project is to redifines the basic meaning of computer program based on self-contained components called agents, and build a brand new operating system for the age of IoT and cloud computing — the KnoRBA OS. Several compontents of this projects are released and ready to use. KnoRBA technologies are and will always be free and open-source.


C++ Reimagined for KnoRBA OS. Scala, Java, and JavaScript Empowered.

An open-source and free library of essentials for modern programming needs including serialization, database, user interface, and internationalization. It is designed based on the concept of universality, both in technological and geographical senses. It is available on most platforms and several programming languages; it has a very small footprint with no dependency on third-party libraries, with highly optimized CPU and memory usage.