About The Compnay


Innovator's Trifold Path

Mission Statement

Mindscape Inc. produces and curates electronic technologies of the future and turns them into practical products with special focus on health, homes, and education.


  1. Strive To Better Human Beings — Our mindset is based on what makes us human: kindness, compassion, love, beauty, art, imagination, creativity, knowledge, and dare. Our products are made to improve humanity in terms of health, knolwedge and general comfort.
  2. End-User At The Center — Our B2B products are designed by first thinking about the clients of those businesses and then moving towards helping those businesses serve their clients better.
  3. True Data Ownership — Unlike vast majority of companies where user is at the mercy of the service provider to keep their data private, we make it technically impossible for ourselves and any third party organizaiont to view user's data. Unencrypted data never leave owner's device, nor do encryption keys, unless the owner opts to share them over a secure channel.
  4. Perfection, And Then Some — Good-enough is not good enough. Innovation means creating better than the best, and that is the main mission of this company. We do not mind to go an extra mile with design, attention to details, and extensive testing. Because we know our clients deserve only the best.

Decleration of Purpose

Mindscape Inc. is an intellectual properties holding company. The primary focus of the company is production and procurment of innovative technologies that are specially applicable in smart homes, health, and education. The primary business objective of the company is to make these technologies profitable by either licensing them, or turning them into consumer products to the following effect:

Business Strategy