C++ Reimagined for KnoRBA OS. Scala, Java, and JavaScript Empowered.

What is KFoundation?

KFoundation is a library of essentials for modern programming needs. It is designed based on the concept of universality, both in technological and geographical senses. It is available on most platforms; it has a very small footprint with no dependency on third-party libraries, and it is highly optimized for CPU and memory usage so that it works smoothly on small devices. It natively supports UTF-8 (as opposed to the host platform's string format), and comes with a rich internationalization toolset.

KFoundation has two main strands: POSIX Edition, which is made to replace C++ standard libraries, and JVM/JS edition, which brings KFoundation features to Scala, Java, and JavaScript.

JVM/JS Edition

Here is a complete list of existing and planned features of JVM/JS Edition.

POSIX Edition

The POSIX Edition is more extensive. It is written in C/C++, and made to replace the C++ standard libraries with one that makes devevelopment faster and easier. It has a high-performance reference type to replace pointers, and offers first-class support for UTF-8, plus net I/O, universal serialization, exceptions with stack trace, and more. KFoundation is the platform for development of most of KnoRBA ARE and KnoRBA OS.