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What is KnoRBA?

Knowledge Request-Broker Architecture or KnoRBA (IPA:/nɔːɾbʌ/) is a modern parallel and distributed computing architecutre based on exchange of knowledge between program components known as agents. KnoRBA fundamentally changes what a "computer program" means. Rather than a sequence of instructions, a collection of functions, or a set of objects, a KnoRBA program is a decentralized logical network of autonomous agents that can run on the same or different physical nodes.

KnoRBA programs enjoy many of modern-era distibuted computing advantages such as auto-scaling, fault detection and recovery, sandboixng, and more.

KnoRBA Agent Runtime Environment (ARE) which is the engine of KnoRBA system, is designed and built like a micro-kernel operating system. The goal of KnoRBA project is to create KnoRBA OS — an operating system that brings advanced distributed computing to smart homes, automotive, and avionics industies.


Project Roadmap

ARE Scala Library The Cube KnoRBA eOS
Ready Developing 2020 Q4 2021 Q4



C++: Reimagined for KnoRBA OS, faster development and less bugs

KnoRBA C++ Libary

KnoRBA Type System and Agent Programming APIs for C++

KnoRBA Scala Library

Essential KnoRBA features for web servers and browsers


Cluster management, auto-scaling, fault detection and recovery


Language- and platform-independent data serialization


Logic-based knowledge query and transformation language


KnoRBA Web Application Development Using Scala and Java-Script