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Make sure to read and understand the KNORBA FREE PUBLIC LICENSE before you download the software. You are allowed to use, modify, or redistribute the source code, but prohibited to use it for military/para-military, spying, and other harmful applications, or to provide it to another person having the intention for it to be used as such.

Scala Library

You can clone the repository from GitHub

    $git clone

C++ Library and ARE

Supported Platforms


Download and Install Instructions

ARE installation is available through source code distribution. Start by cloning the repositories.

  $git clone
  $git clone

Let's assume that you have cloned the git repositories all in a directory called ~/archive.

  $cd libknorba-cpp
  $mkdir build
  $cd build
  $cmake ..
  $sudo make install

Now decide where do you want the ARE to be installed. Lets assume it is going to be a directory called ~/bin/are.

  $cd ~/bin/are
  $cmake ~/archive/knorba-are

Confirm Installation

To test everything works fine, type

  $./are start

You should see a message confirming that the Kernel is running. Then, open a new terminal, navigate to ~/bin/are and type:

  $./are stop

It should kill the ARE instance that is running on your other terminal.