Mi | Cloud

IT Essentials for Small Businesses and Startups


Mi | Cloud is my cloud and your cloud. It is a collection of affordable and ready-to-use essential IT services for small business to help them start serving clients faster, easier, and better. From user registration, to making online appointment, to online payment, and more, Mi | Cloud covers most common needs of startups and new businesses, with almost no setup required. Mindscape's own Mediall product is mostly based on Mi | Cloud services.

The only setup necessary for users and businesses to get started with any of Mi | Cloud products is to obtain a Mi | ID account.


Exact price for individual products is not decided yet. But, Mi | ID is free for individuals and businesses with less than 10 users. Mi | BX will be free with a fare usage policy. Mi | TM and other products will range from $50 to $100 a month, and are eliggible for bundle discount when purchased together with other products.

All Services

Mi | ID

Identification and authorization service with subscription management

Mi | TM

Online appointment with time and resource management features

Mi | PY

Online payment service

Mi | LN

Timeline and notification streaming with Android and iOS support

Mi | BX

Maximum-security encrypted cloud storage honoring "true data ownership"

Mi | RM

Stores and manages daily routines and reminders

Mi | QU

Queue management and paging via voice, display, and mobile alert

Mi | TL

Telepresense with text, voice and video

Mi | TS

Time serries streaming and data analysis for patient monitoring etc.