KFoundation  v2.1
A Better Foundation Library for C++
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCArrayA resizable, one-dimensional indexed container
 oCBoolWrapper class for bool type
 oCBufferInputStreamInput stream to read from a buffer in memory
 oCBufferOutputStreamOutput stream used to write to a buffer in memory
 oCCodeLocationEncodes location of a character in a text file
 oCCodeRangeEncodes the location of the begining and end of a text file fragment
 oCComparableInterface indicating the implementing class can be compared to the given type of values
 oCConditionCondition variable, used to control a thread from another
 oCkf_uref_tUnique Entry Reference
 oCDirectionRepresents directions in n-dimensional space
 oCDirectionIteratorUsed to iterate all possible directions in an space of given dimensions
 oCDoubleWrapper class for double type
 oCFileInputStreamInput stream to read from file
 oCFileOutputStreamOutput stream used to write data on file
 oCIndexOutOfBoundExceptionThrown to signal access to a nonexisting element in an array
 oCInputStreamAbstract interface for all input streams
 oCInt32Wrapper for int type
 oCInt64Wrapper class for 'long int' type
 oCInternetAddressEncodes an IP address and port number
 oCInternetInputStreamInput stream used to read from a TCP/IP port
 oCInternetOutputStreamInput stream used to write to TCP/IP socket
 oCInvalidFormatExceptionThrown when an input with an invalid format is encountered
 oCInvalidPointerExceptionThrown on attempt to access an invalid pointer
 oCIOExceptionThrown to signal an IO-related exception
 oCKFExceptionSuperclass for all exceptions in KFoundation
 |\CStackTraceItemRepresents an element in stack trace
 oCKFObjectThe root class for all classes using KFoundation framework
 oCLoggerMulti-channel, muti-level logger utility
 oCMasterMemoryManagerManages all the memory managers used in a process
 oCMemoryExceptionUsed to throw exeptions related to memory
 oCMemoryManagerAbstract interface to be implemented by all memory managers
 oCMutexMutex, used to prevent multiple threads to enter a critical region
 oCNullPointerExceptionThrown on attempt to access to a null pointer
 oCNumericVectorA subclass of Array, adds numeric operations
 oCRefReference to a class of given template type
 oCObjectPoolMemoryManagerReuses the objects in a preallocated pool whenever a new instance is needed
 oCObjectDumpBuilderExceptionThrown when ObjectSerializer is used in an invalid way
 oCObjectSerializerProvides APIs to serialize an object
 oCObjectStreamReaderGeneric interface for utility object used to read objets from an stream of a given format
 oCTokenRepresents a token in a stream
 oCObjectTokenRepresents begining of an object in the parsed stream
 oCEndObjectTokenRepresents end of an object in the parsed stream
 oCAttributeTokenRepresents an attribute in the parsed stream
 oCTextTokenRepresents a text body (CDATA) in the parsed stream
 oCCollectionTokenRepresents begining of a collection in the parsed stream
 oCEndCollectionTokenRepresents end of a collection in the parsed stream
 oCOutOfMemoryExceptionThrown on out of memory
 oCOutputStreamAbstract inferface for all output streams
 oCParseExceptionThrown when a parsing error happens
 oCPathRepresents a file path
 oCPrintWriterWrites formatted text on any OutputStream
 oCProximityIteratorIterates the proximity of a desired point
 oCRangeRepresents a range in n-dimensional space
 oCRangeIteratorUsed to iterate over all points in a given range
 oCRefArrayBaseOne-dimentional indexed collection of KFObjects
 oCRefCountMemoryManagerReference counting memory manager
 oCStaticRefStatic variant of Ref
 oCRefConstReference to constant vairation of Ref
 oCStaticRefConstReference to constant variant of StaticRef
 oCSerializingStreamerObjects implementing this class can be serialized into any format allowed by ObjectSerializer
 oCStandardInputStreamAdapterWraps around the given istream (C++ standard libraries) to be read as a a KFoundation input stream
 oCStandardOutputStreamAdapterKFoundation wrapper for C++ ostream
 oCStreamDeserializerInterface to be implemented by any class that can be deserialized from stream
 oCStreamerBase class for all classes that can print information about themeselves to a std::ostream
 oCStreamParserPacks ample of basic functionalities to implement any predictive parser
 oCStringInputStreamInput stream to read from string
 oCSystemProvides a cross-platform way to access sytsem features
 oCThreadAn object-oriented, cross-platform abstraction for thread
 oCTimerUtility class to measure execution time of a code fragment
 oCTupleRepresents a point in n-dimensional space
 oCTuple1D1-dimensional specialization of Tuple
 oCTuple2D2-dimensional specialization of Tuple
 oCTuple3D3-dimensional specialization of Tuple
 oCUCharWrapper class for unicode character
 \CXmlObjectStreamReaderObjectStreamReader to deserialize XML streams