Press Release

Business Renewal


Mindscape Inc. has resumed business on July 1st, 2020 after 3 years of inactivity with a renewed business model, specially focused on telemedicine and new post-covid landscape.

Company's main planned product is called "Mediall", a revolutionary and affordable automation and telemedicine suit for small clinics. Mediall is designed around mobile user experience. The goal is to bring as many as possible of workflows and procedures of visisting a clinic to patient's smart phone. That includes any thing from making appointments, queueing and paging, payment, perscription, and even talking to doctor.

Additionally, Mindscape offers subsystems used in Mediall as standalone products with lower pricing and for wider variety of small businesses. These subsystems that make up the "Mi | Cloud" suit, include Mi | QU for queue management (useful for restaurants, etc.), "Mi | TM" for making online appointment (useful for beauty salons, etc.), "Mi | ID" for user management (useful for cloud-enabled websites and mobile apps), and much more.