Press Release

Announcing KFoundation JVM/JS Edition



Being a technology company means that our main product is to offer solutions to existing and new problems that are better than existing ones. We are very proud to be able to publish many of these solutions for free through our open-source projects, KFoundation and KnoRBA.

Today, we are very excited to announce the JVM/JS edition of KFoundation. KFoundation is designed based on the concept of universality, both in technological and geographical senses. While the POSIX Edition is a completely reformed replacement of C++ libraries to bring a modern experience for development on POSIX-based operating systems, the JVM/JS Edition brings most useful features of KFoundation to other platforms, including JVM and web browsers. Now in addition to C++, KFoundation is available on Scala, Scala.js, Java, and JavaScript as well.

As an open-source project, KFoundation relies on public support to grow. All the ways to contribute are listed on this page:

About JVM/JS Edition

The first release of JVM/JS features the Universal Serialization framework. This is the first time that, a single tool supports reading and writing to an from virtually any serialization format including JSON, XML, YAML, and K4 (KFoundation’s own format), and do so with competitive performance, on virtually any platform. We think having one-stop solution for serialization for virtually every language and format will greatly benefit our users by reducing the burden of switching between different libraries. Besides, because both front-end and back-end use the same framework, it is easier for team members to switch roles.

Other than Universal Serialization, there are 3 more frameworks planned to be added to KFoundation JVM/JS Edition, as follows. US/DB is a new ORM (database Object-Relational Mapping) based on Universal Serialization. Universal UI, is a framework that to develop user interfaces that can be rendered on virtually any media. And, we will have a new internationalization framework as well.


KFoundation is published via industry standard repositories, Github, Maven Central, and NPM.

Learnin Resources

We are offering extensive documentations for all of the supported languages.

To make things even easier, we have created a tutorial video, and will create new ones with each new framework.