Mi | Cloud

Mi | ID Identification and Authorization Service With Subscription Management
Kickoff Alpha
Jul 2020 Aug 2020
Mi | TM Online Appointment and Resource Management
Kickoff Alpha
Aug 2020 Sep 2020
Mi | PY Payment Gateway
Kickoff Alpha
Sep 2020 Oct 2020
Mi | LN Timeline and Notification Stream
Kickoff Alpha
Oct 2020 Nov 2020
Mi | BX Maximum-Privacy Encripted Cloud Storage
Kickoff Alpha
Nov 2020 Dec 2020
Mi | RM Daily Routine and Reminders In Queue
Mi | QU Queue Management In Queue
Mi | TL Text, Void and Video Telecomunication In Queue
Mi | TS Time-serries streaming and data analysis In Queue


Mediall App Mobile application for patients
Kickoff Alpha
Dec 2020 Jan 2021
Mediall Manager Web Application For Clinics
Kickoff Alpha
Dec 2020 Jan 2021


KFoundation POSIX C++ language reimagined for modern programming needs
Feb 2016
KFoundation JVM/JS Essentials for modern programming needs, Available on Scala, Java, and JavaScript
Oct 2020
KnoRBA ARE Agent Runtime Environment — life-cycle managment, cluster management, auto-scaling, fault detection and recovery
Jun 2015
KnoRBA POSIX KnoRBA Type System and Agent Programming APIs in C++
Oct 2015
KnoRBA JVM/JS Essential KnoRBA features for web servers and browsers
v0.1 v0.2
Jun 2020 Jul 2020
KnoIS Knowledge Interface Schema — language and platform-independent data serialization
Scala JS
Jun 2020 Late 2020
KnoIL Knowledge Invocation Language — logic-based knowledge query and transformation language
Kickoff v0.1
Apr 2020 Jul 2020
TheCube KnoRBA Web Application Development Using Scala and Java-Script In Queue