Mi | Cloud

Mi | ID Identification and Authorization Service With Subscription Management
beta v1
Dec 2020 WIP
uref.io URL shortner
beta v1
Feb 2021 WIP
Mi | TM Online Appointment and Resource Management In Queue
Mi | PY Payment Gateway In Queue
Mi | LN Timeline and Notification Stream In Queue
Mi | BX Maximum-Privacy Encripted Cloud Storage In Queue
Mi | RM Daily Routine and Reminders In Queue
Mi | QU Queue Management In Queue
Mi | TL Text, Void and Video Telecomunication In Queue
Mi | TS Time-serries streaming and data analysis In Queue

Mi | MD

Mi | MD App Mobile application for patients Pending
Mi | MD Manager Web Application For Clinics Pending


KFoundation POSIX C++ language reimagined for modern programming needs
Feb 2016
KFoundation JVM/JS Essentials for modern programming needs, Available on Scala, Java, and JavaScript
Feb 2021
KnoRBA ARE Agent Runtime Environment — life-cycle managment, cluster management, auto-scaling, fault detection and recovery
Jun 2015
KnoRBA POSIX KnoRBA Type System and Agent Programming APIs in C++
Oct 2015
KnoRBA JVM/JS Essential KnoRBA features for web servers and browsers
v0.1 v0.2
Jun 2020 Jul 2020
KnoIS Knowledge Interface Schema — language and platform-independent data serialization
Scala JS
Jun 2020 Late 2020
KnoIL Knowledge Invocation Language — logic-based knowledge query and transformation language
Kickoff v0.1
Apr 2020 Jul 2020
TheCube KnoRBA Web Application Development Using Scala and Java-Script In Queue